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Troissoeur is a fascinating contemporary ensemble. They are a real revelation within the new belgian music wave. They offer their audience a surprising experience: warm, imaginative and full of emotions. The group consists of four musicians with a highly skilled musical background, an inexhoustible imagination and sense of humour.
This show is from the Troisseoeur tour consisting of six shows in Flanders.

Leuven, Belgium - Stadsschouwburg 2003.
01 intro 02 Sitora 03 Aijeste 04 ? 05 Kjilmee 06 ? 07 ? 08 Sano 09 Ostoriosto 10 ? 11 Levina.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Latin Playboys

David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos hooked up with Tchad Blake and producer Mitchell Froom for this side project, a twisted and avant-garde take on roots music. Latin Playboys draw from blues, border music, experimental studio trickery, and cinematic sound textures on their ambitious self-titled 1994 album. All of the material was composed by Hidalgo and Perez, and shows a considerably more experimental direction than their work with Los Lobos. Dose (followed in 1999) is another complex sonic architecture layering electronic effects, guitar fuzzes, orchestral snippets, loops of exotic percussions, piano figures, eccentric keyboards.

Bimbo's 365 Club, 28.03.1999
01. Mira! 02. Chinese Surprize 03. Ten Believers 04. Mustard* 05. Ironsides 06. Latin Trip* 07. Crayon Sun 08. If 09. Dose 10. Viva La Raza* 11. Cuca's Blues 12. Manifold de Amour* 13. Same Brown Earth 14. Locoman > 15. Toro 16. (Crowd/Tuning) 17. Palatero* 18. Forever Night Shade Mary.
* with Lisa Germano on violin

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Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian are an extended ensemble from Glasgow (Scotland), headed by singer Stuart Murdoch, and represent one of the most intriguing acts of the Britain scene at the end of the century.

"Our Favourite Party Songs", March 31, 2004
01. Passion Fruit 02. Expectations 03. Step Into My Office Baby 04. Wrapped Up In Books 05. The Model 06. I'm Waking Up To Us 07. You Made Me Forget My Dreams 08. You Don't Send Me 09. You're Just A Baby 10. Dog On Wheels 11. Slow Graffiti 12. I'm A Cuckoo 13. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love 14. Stay Loose 15. Wrong Girl 16. Dirty Dream Number Two 17. Sleep The Clock Around.

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Mark Kozelek

San Francisco's Red House Painters, an acoustic quartet led by introverted poet Mark Kozelek, penned the depressed mantras of Down Colorful Hill (1992): shy guitars that played chords as if they were reciting rosaries, and moribund dirges that seemed to end before beginning but then lasted for eternity, created quietly unnerving atmospheres that blurred the border between sorrow and ecstasy. Like with the music of Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley and Nick Drake , the effect was both subdued and majestic, a contradiction that became the quintessence of their art.

The recording is very clear, and it is stereo, and Mark is very upfront in the sound. I have cross faded over a droput between tracks 5 and 6 on disk 1, and done a couple of fades, and cross fades to tidy the show. No EQ, or other treatments have been made to the recording, I have just made the audience sound continuous throughout the show. Solo concert with Mark in a very good mood, some lovely versions, some of his impressions and karaoke singling, and he is in great voice as always.

Fez NYC, 15 September 1998
cd1 1 St. John 2 Ruth Marie 3 Cruiser 4 Uncle Joe 5 Grace Cathedral Park (acapella) 6 Things Mean a Lot (acapella) 7 Wop-a-din-din 8 Strawberry Hill
cd2 1 Japanese To English 2 Byrd-Joel 3 24 4 River Sing 5 What's Next to the Moon 6 Michael 7 Mistress

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Nina Nastasia

Singer/songwriter Nina Nastasia creates intimate, spectral music that evokes some lost, skewed take on Americana and that is often laced with haunting strains of viola, cello, and bowed saw. She counts among her admirers the notoriously picky, celebrated producer Steve Albini, who engineered her first two albums and who has vehemently sung her praises. Nastasia's debut, Dogs, was released in 1999 on the tiny indie Socialist Records but was out of print by the end of 2000.

That evening, she was singing, playing the acoustic guitar, and was accompanied with a doublebass player and an accordian player.

"Les Femmes s'en Mêlent" Festival, 2005.05.01
01 How I Like a Fight 02 I Say That I Will Go 03 Superstar 04 Oh my Stars 05 You, Her and Me 06 Ocean 07 The Matter (of Our Discussion) [Boom Bip] 08 [unknown]

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Mazzy Star

If psychedelic music had a voice in '90s post-punk, Mazzy Star may have been its strongest reincarnation. Mazzy Star much prefered the dark side of psychedelia, as exemplified by the most distended tracks of the Doors and the Velvet Underground. Their fuzzy guitar workouts and plaintive folky compositions are often suffused in a dissociative ennui that is very much of the 1990s, however much their textures may recall the drug-induced states of vintage psychedelia.

Although Mazzy Star was nominally a full band, they were basically the core duo of guitarist David Roback and singer Hope Sandoval with backing musicians.

The audio quality on the CD really is perfect. It has 16 songs and includes all the hard-to-find b-sides plus a few tracks of unknown origin.

The Other Side
(Live, B-Sides and Rarities from studio)
01. Fade Into You (Live) 02. Ride It On (Live Acoustic) 03. Sometimes Always (Live) 04. I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit 05. Under My Car 06. Tell Me Now 07. Hair and Skin 08. Tell Your Honey 09. Had a Thought 10. Flowers in December 11. Sometimes Always 12. Ride It On (Live) 13. Ghost Highway (Live) 14. Blue Light (Live) 15. Into Dust (Live) 16. Bells Ring (Acoustic).

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>> part 02

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Fahey at PolyTech 1969

Worcester PolyTech, MA 1969.
Here's an early John Fahey show you don't see too often. I received this in trade, so don't know its lineage.

01. Steamboat Gwine 'Round De Bend/Death of the Clayton Peacock/Worried Blues
02. The Voice of the Turtle
03. Owchita/Revolt of the Dyke Brigade /Requiem for MJ Hurt

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However, this is widely circulated by collectors, so if you already have a copy of this, this'll be the same as the one you already have. It sounds like an audience recording to me. Sound is good and listenable. Quite a lot of hiss. Fahey is quite playful and experimental here - a nearly 12 minute version of Voice Of The Turtle!

Tortoise & The Ex at Maison des Arts

Festival Sons d'Hiver Maison des Arts, Créteil 16th of February, 2007.
All those songs were made for this special events and are yet unreleased.

setlist :
01. intro (00'55)
02. part 1 (10'18)
03. part 2 (05'45)
04. part 3 (18'42)

Band : (Tortoise) Jeff Parker : guitar John McEntire : keys Dan Bitney : percussions Doug MacComb : bass John Herndon : percussions (The Ex) Terrie Ex : guitar G.W. Sok : vocals Andy Moor: guitar Katherina Ex : drums.

mp3 @ 256 kbps download >>>

Good song quality for a stunning performance ! This bunch of songs is very repetitive and powerful, I'll hope you'll get in the trance...

Here are some pictures of the show :

Monday, July 30, 2007

Brian Eno Music for Prague

This was a one-off CD of sound sketches made by Brian when he was working on his 1998 installation with Jiri Prihoda in Prague. The CD was donated to an auction in aid of South London Arts in January 02001 and raised £400. Not to be confused with the inevitable 2-CD bootleg audience recording. I received my cdr copy in a trade. The material is unreleased. One long ambient track .

Brian Eno, Music for Prague (1998) sound installation, wood, plaster carton, particle board, CD players which show cardboard models of the very installation.

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Steve Reich re-activated

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Abandoning the piano for the electric guitar, Cave's new project Grinderman (Anti, 2007) signaled the end of an era. While the album still used the Bad seeds, the sound (not to mention the lust) harked back to the cacophonous frenzy of the Birthday Party. Cave and his cohorts release primal energy of an almost punkish intensity in Get It On, Depth Charge Ethel, No Pussy Blues, Honey Bee and Love Bomb. Cave's traditional (adult?) side permeates the brooding When my Love Comes Down and the elegiac Man in the Moon. A rejuvinated bard adopted the stance of the demonic pervert and found a new mission in life.

Madison Square Garden New York City July 24, 2007.
1. Grinderman 2. Get It On 3. Depth Charge Ethel 4. Electric Alice 5. (I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free 6. Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) 7. Man In The Moon 8. When My Love Comes Down 9. No Pussy Blues 10. Love Bomb.

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unfortunately DivShare removed all my files.
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Don Caballero

Pittsburgh math rockers Don Caballero were one of the first bands to expand on the work of genre innovators like Bastro, Bitch Magnet, and (especially) Slint. Their music was entirely instrumental, and while their guitar interplay was as complex and dissonant as any of their peers, the real driving force behind their precisely calibrated attack was virtuosic drummer Damon Che. In essence, it was Che's manic explosions and stop-on-a-dime shifts in time signature that mapped out the trail his bandmates followed. His whirlwind of percussion helped pace the crashing din of the rest of the quartet, yet they also had a firm grasp of dynamics and often slowed things down into a heavy dirge. And despite the influence of jazz, there was no improvisation -- all the group's compositions were carefully structured, no matter how chaotic they seemed. Don Caballero recorded several albums for Touch & Go over the '90s to generally positive critical response, before going their separate ways in 2001.

June 22nd, 2006 The Note Chicago, IL.

01. Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting 02. Sure We Had Knives Around 03. I Agree..... No!.....I Disagree 04. World Class Listening Problem 05. In The Abscence Of Strong Evidence To The Contrary 06. Palm Trees In the Fecking Bahamas 07. Haven't Lived Afro Pop 08. And And And, He Lowered The Twin Down 09. I'm Goofballs For Bozzo Jazz 10. Railroad Cancellation 11. Encore Break (applause) 12. Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex 13. Cold Knees [In April]

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is the project of New York's songwriter Edward Droste. He debuted with the gentle bedroom-folk tunes of Horn of Plenty (2004), but matured with Yellow House (Warp, 2006), recorded by a real band (drummer Christopher Bear, keyboardist and bassist Chris Taylor, guitarist Daniel Rossen) and much better arranged. Lullabye, Knife and Colorado were complex compositions that were easily ascribed to the psychedelic-folk revival, but were more properly a kind of atmospheric folk-rock rather than full-fledged psychedelic folk.

Here's two wonderful sets (acoustic & electric) with beautiful, haunting vocal arrangements from the Brooklyn based group currently touring in support of their record "Yellow House".

KEXP Seattle,WA October 04, 2006 (acoustic set)
1. Intro 2. Plans 3. Service Bell 4. Interview 5. Little Brother 6. Interview 7. Knife 8. Interview/Outro

mp3 @ 256 kbps soon available >>>

KEXP Seattle,WA February 16, 2007 (electric set)
1. Intro 2. Easier 3. Knife 4. Interview 5. He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)* 6. On A Neck, On A Spit 7. Interview/Outro [* Crystals cover]

mp3 @ 256 kbps soon available >>>

Grizzly Bear are:

Edward Droste
Christopher Bear
Chris Taylor
Daniel Rossen

Friday, July 6, 2007

Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck is a New York-based singer-songwriter affiliated with the Antifolk scene centred around open mic nights at the Sidewalk Cafe. She has recorded five albums since 2001. Her music is more sophisticated than many artists' of the genre, played using acoustic guitar, piano, organ, harmonium, and xylophone. Influenced by the French composer Erik Satie her music also uses discordant effects and demonstrates a confident grasp of dynamics. Her song Monte Carlo appeared on the Rough Trade compilation Anti Folk Volume 1 in 2001 alongside other luminaries of the scene. She has collaborated with Jeffrey Lewis and Herman Düne in the past.

June 28, 2006 The Attic, Santa Cruz, Ca.
1. -intro 2. Heat From Every Corner 3. Just As I Should Be 4. A Phoenix And Doves 5. Sandy Ree6. Easy To Be Around 7. -tuning 8. My Teacher Died 9. Bones And Born Again.

Audience recording from the dat master tape. Acoustic show from the woman Devendra Banhart called "my favorite singer-songwriter in all of New York City". Diane played a short but sweet set.

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