Friday, June 8, 2007


Slint, formed by Squirrel Bait's guitarist Brian McMahan and also featuring drummer Britt Walford, bassist Ethan Buckler and guitarist David Pajo, represented a major shift in musical purpose: they were more intimidating than exciting. The mostly-instrumental music of Tweez (1989) kept the tension and the neurosis of hardcore but lost the passion and the narrative logic. It was "pointless" music. It was a stylistic black hole which sucked the history of rock music, in which the history of rock music virtually ended.

Paradiso, Amsterdam The Netherlands May 21, 2007.
01 Breadcrumb trail 06:20 02 Nosferatu man 05:28 03 Don, aman 06:42 04 Washer 09:02 05 For dinner... 05:13 06 Good morning captain 07:53 07 Glenn 07:03 08 Rohda 03:47 09 King's approach 10:06

Running time (complete) 73:39
A new song was played this evening (King's approach).
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Mr. Bzzz said...

sicuro, mi piace molto la musica che ascolti. faccia lo stesso.

Mr. Bzzz said...
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riccardo said...

ok, grandi gli slint vero?
Bellissimo anche Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind !!

Anonymous said...

Although i am a member of Divshare i cannot login to the file: it's private ?

riccardo said...

I removed protection. Now it's pubblic. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks !! Great band, great blog