Friday, July 6, 2007

Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck is a New York-based singer-songwriter affiliated with the Antifolk scene centred around open mic nights at the Sidewalk Cafe. She has recorded five albums since 2001. Her music is more sophisticated than many artists' of the genre, played using acoustic guitar, piano, organ, harmonium, and xylophone. Influenced by the French composer Erik Satie her music also uses discordant effects and demonstrates a confident grasp of dynamics. Her song Monte Carlo appeared on the Rough Trade compilation Anti Folk Volume 1 in 2001 alongside other luminaries of the scene. She has collaborated with Jeffrey Lewis and Herman D√ľne in the past.

June 28, 2006 The Attic, Santa Cruz, Ca.
1. -intro 2. Heat From Every Corner 3. Just As I Should Be 4. A Phoenix And Doves 5. Sandy Ree6. Easy To Be Around 7. -tuning 8. My Teacher Died 9. Bones And Born Again.

Audience recording from the dat master tape. Acoustic show from the woman Devendra Banhart called "my favorite singer-songwriter in all of New York City". Diane played a short but sweet set.

mp3 @ 256 soon available >>>


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