Friday, July 13, 2007

DivShare removed all my files

Hi guys,

unfortunately DivShare removed all my files.
I'm plannig to use another mp3 host so... any suggestion are welcome!!

In meantime I can say: DON'T USE DivShare !!
Please use this post to insert your upload requests.


Anonymous said...

please re-upload Otomo Yoshihide & Yamatsuka Eye,Steve Reich,Tortoise!!

anonymous 2 said...

Please Re-Up Squirrel Bait

Anonymous said...

do you have Early Morning Hush?
how bout mass mirror for host

H. said...

I use z-share for -100mb files

megaupload for larger files.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club.
You are not the first blogger it
happend to him.
divshare are stinky...
what about rapidshare?

And please, maybe yo can re-up the Steve reich?

Anonymous said...

Please re-post the Thinking Fellers - devastated to have missed it!

rickdog said...

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Rapidshare has been great for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Megaupload, ZShare there are many softs to upload and keep alive this great blog!!!!

You must go on!!!!


Anonymous said...


Can you please reup the Uri Caine Ensemble?

Thanks for the music!!

kathy said...

i love