Saturday, July 28, 2007


Abandoning the piano for the electric guitar, Cave's new project Grinderman (Anti, 2007) signaled the end of an era. While the album still used the Bad seeds, the sound (not to mention the lust) harked back to the cacophonous frenzy of the Birthday Party. Cave and his cohorts release primal energy of an almost punkish intensity in Get It On, Depth Charge Ethel, No Pussy Blues, Honey Bee and Love Bomb. Cave's traditional (adult?) side permeates the brooding When my Love Comes Down and the elegiac Man in the Moon. A rejuvinated bard adopted the stance of the demonic pervert and found a new mission in life.

Madison Square Garden New York City July 24, 2007.
1. Grinderman 2. Get It On 3. Depth Charge Ethel 4. Electric Alice 5. (I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free 6. Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) 7. Man In The Moon 8. When My Love Comes Down 9. No Pussy Blues 10. Love Bomb.

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Stacy said...

Thanks for posting but "end of an era?" "return to The Birthday Party?" and "adult?". Cave himself points out that Grinderman is far from a return to The Birthday Party (WIRE March 2007) and was an unstructured collaboration that produced a spontaneous, stripped down sound that is more indicative of rock and blues. And I'm not sure that I know of his toddler era.