Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Fahey at PolyTech 1969

Worcester PolyTech, MA 1969.
Here's an early John Fahey show you don't see too often. I received this in trade, so don't know its lineage.

01. Steamboat Gwine 'Round De Bend/Death of the Clayton Peacock/Worried Blues
02. The Voice of the Turtle
03. Owchita/Revolt of the Dyke Brigade /Requiem for MJ Hurt

mp3 @ 256 kbps download >>>

However, this is widely circulated by collectors, so if you already have a copy of this, this'll be the same as the one you already have. It sounds like an audience recording to me. Sound is good and listenable. Quite a lot of hiss. Fahey is quite playful and experimental here - a nearly 12 minute version of Voice Of The Turtle!

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to this whole music download blooging thing and I'm amazed at all the great releases out there with broken links. I have a wealth of deleted music and initially thought I'd like to start putting some of these up, but I see that there seems to be a problem in maintaining them and wonder if it's worth all the headaches. On the other hand some sites work falwlessly and that gives me hope. In the meantime thanks for the Fahey download. It's appreciated