Monday, November 19, 2007

Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian are an extended ensemble from Glasgow (Scotland), headed by singer Stuart Murdoch, and represent one of the most intriguing acts of the Britain scene at the end of the century.

"Our Favourite Party Songs", March 31, 2004
01. Passion Fruit 02. Expectations 03. Step Into My Office Baby 04. Wrapped Up In Books 05. The Model 06. I'm Waking Up To Us 07. You Made Me Forget My Dreams 08. You Don't Send Me 09. You're Just A Baby 10. Dog On Wheels 11. Slow Graffiti 12. I'm A Cuckoo 13. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love 14. Stay Loose 15. Wrong Girl 16. Dirty Dream Number Two 17. Sleep The Clock Around.

mp3 @ 256 kbps
>> download - part 01
>> download - part 02


Anonymous said...

i didn't know Belle and Sebastian sang Fade Into You.....

I think you posted the first set from your last Mazzy Star post with this one mate. Could you fix it?

Thx, Anon23

Anonymous said...