Monday, November 19, 2007

Mark Kozelek

San Francisco's Red House Painters, an acoustic quartet led by introverted poet Mark Kozelek, penned the depressed mantras of Down Colorful Hill (1992): shy guitars that played chords as if they were reciting rosaries, and moribund dirges that seemed to end before beginning but then lasted for eternity, created quietly unnerving atmospheres that blurred the border between sorrow and ecstasy. Like with the music of Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley and Nick Drake , the effect was both subdued and majestic, a contradiction that became the quintessence of their art.

The recording is very clear, and it is stereo, and Mark is very upfront in the sound. I have cross faded over a droput between tracks 5 and 6 on disk 1, and done a couple of fades, and cross fades to tidy the show. No EQ, or other treatments have been made to the recording, I have just made the audience sound continuous throughout the show. Solo concert with Mark in a very good mood, some lovely versions, some of his impressions and karaoke singling, and he is in great voice as always.

Fez NYC, 15 September 1998
cd1 1 St. John 2 Ruth Marie 3 Cruiser 4 Uncle Joe 5 Grace Cathedral Park (acapella) 6 Things Mean a Lot (acapella) 7 Wop-a-din-din 8 Strawberry Hill
cd2 1 Japanese To English 2 Byrd-Joel 3 24 4 River Sing 5 What's Next to the Moon 6 Michael 7 Mistress

mp3 @ 256 kbps
>> download cd1 - part 01
>> download cd1 - part 02
>> download cd2

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