Monday, November 19, 2007

Mazzy Star

If psychedelic music had a voice in '90s post-punk, Mazzy Star may have been its strongest reincarnation. Mazzy Star much prefered the dark side of psychedelia, as exemplified by the most distended tracks of the Doors and the Velvet Underground. Their fuzzy guitar workouts and plaintive folky compositions are often suffused in a dissociative ennui that is very much of the 1990s, however much their textures may recall the drug-induced states of vintage psychedelia.

Although Mazzy Star was nominally a full band, they were basically the core duo of guitarist David Roback and singer Hope Sandoval with backing musicians.

The audio quality on the CD really is perfect. It has 16 songs and includes all the hard-to-find b-sides plus a few tracks of unknown origin.

The Other Side
(Live, B-Sides and Rarities from studio)
01. Fade Into You (Live) 02. Ride It On (Live Acoustic) 03. Sometimes Always (Live) 04. I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit 05. Under My Car 06. Tell Me Now 07. Hair and Skin 08. Tell Your Honey 09. Had a Thought 10. Flowers in December 11. Sometimes Always 12. Ride It On (Live) 13. Ghost Highway (Live) 14. Blue Light (Live) 15. Into Dust (Live) 16. Bells Ring (Acoustic).

mp3 @ 256 kbps
>> part 01
>> part 02


Philippe said...

Wow, thanks for that. The quality is amazing. I 'll definitely use some on my blog,

Any idea where were the live recording from ?

Also, any chance of reposting the Beirut Portland show ?

Anonymous said...

very nice indded, my compliaments to the Chef