Monday, November 19, 2007

Nina Nastasia

Singer/songwriter Nina Nastasia creates intimate, spectral music that evokes some lost, skewed take on Americana and that is often laced with haunting strains of viola, cello, and bowed saw. She counts among her admirers the notoriously picky, celebrated producer Steve Albini, who engineered her first two albums and who has vehemently sung her praises. Nastasia's debut, Dogs, was released in 1999 on the tiny indie Socialist Records but was out of print by the end of 2000.

That evening, she was singing, playing the acoustic guitar, and was accompanied with a doublebass player and an accordian player.

"Les Femmes s'en MĂȘlent" Festival, 2005.05.01
01 How I Like a Fight 02 I Say That I Will Go 03 Superstar 04 Oh my Stars 05 You, Her and Me 06 Ocean 07 The Matter (of Our Discussion) [Boom Bip] 08 [unknown]

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